Indiana police investigating Wal-Mart fight video

BEECH GROVE, IN (WISH) — A fight between two shoppers in the beauty aisle at a Wal-Mart in Marion County is caught on camera.

The video was first posted to YouTube last week and has since gone viral.

The Beech Grove Police Department said a report was filed at the time of the incident.

Officers were called to the scene last Thursday night for a disturbance. Police told 24-Hour News 8 it will be up to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to decide whether charges will be filed against the two seen fighting on camera.

Some customers shopping in the beauty aisle at Wal-Mart in Beech Grove heard nothing, but commotion during their late night trip.

One shopper captured the fight between two women on their cellphone in the beauty aisle.

A woman wearing a gray shirt is seen pulling up on a motorized scooter. She confronted another woman in a black shirt then seconds later into the video someone throws out the first punch.

The fight continues on with dozens of shoppers watching nearby.

Police said a six-year-old boy is seen on camera throughout the three minute long video.

At one point, he’s instructed by one of the two women to punch the other in the face.

Some shoppers like Nathan didn’t see the fight first hand, but says he’s not surprised. He’s just wondering why no one stepped in to break up the fight.

“I think the guy who had the camera phone probably should have put his phone down and try to stop it from happening,” said Nathan, shopper.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson told 24-Hour News 8 that management saw what happened and immediately called police for help.

The spokesperson said the company has a policy of not engaging.

“I really don’t know the circumstances behind why they got into a fight, what happened, but I’d like to think if I saw a fight that was spanning for that long in a place like this, I would have had at least done something or said something. That’s just ridiculous,” said Nathan.

Police said they are looking into the incident and are reviewing security and cellphone footage.

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