Trio face trespassing, drug charges after call about burglary in progress

Trio face trespassing, drug charges after call about burglary in progress (Image 1)

Saturday evening, Church Hill police arrested three people after receiving a report about a burglary in progress at a home on East Main Boulevard.

Officers arrived and found a tan 2004 Ford Taurus about to leave the home. Officers quickly blocked the car in, according to a police report.

Police say they saw one of the passengers try to hide items in the car.

Officers said they questioned the three suspects in the car and found out two of the suspects, 50-year-old John Hale and 52-year-old Mona Canipe Light, waited in the car while 51-year-old Susan Archer went inside the home. Nothing was reported missing in the home and none of the suspects were charged with aggravated burglary, since the victim did not want to pursue charges.

But the suspects were booked on other charges.

Hale, the driver of the Ford Taurus, was charged with criminal trespassing, driving on a suspended driver’s license, and possession of drug paraphernalia (glass pipe).

Canipe-Light, a passenger in the car, was charged with schedule IV Drug (Alprazolam), criminal trespassing, and public intoxication.

Archer, sitting in the back seat, was charged with possession of Schedule I drugs (heroine) with the intent to deliver, possession of schedule II drugs (crack cocaine), possession of drug paraphernalia (glass smoking pipe with black residue), and possession of untaxed whiskey (moonshine), introduction of narcotics into a penal facility, and tampering with evidence.

Police said when Archer was transported to jail, a small white piece of rock believed to be crack cocaine fell from her bra. Police said they instructed her not to pick it up, she allegedly ignored their orders and picked it up and place it in her mouth.

According to a police report, an officer was able to retrieve the rock and place it in a container. After further testing, investigators say the drugs found in the car and the rock that fell from Archer’s bra tested positive for heroin and crack cocaine, respectively. 

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