Officer placed in remedial training after viewer video sparks internal investigation

Officer placed in remedial training after viewer video sparks internal investigation (Image 1)

News Channel 11 has obtained new information surrounding the fallout from a viewer video that sparked an internal investigation at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Three weeks ago, we showed you a video that lead to School Resource Officer Scott Baines being suspended, with pay, for “failure to act when investigating a DUI.”

According to court documents, before Kimberly Barnes dove in Officer Baines’ car (seen in the video) she was seen driving recklessly before pulling into Gray Elementary school to pick up her children. In the video, you can see a witness pulling her off the officer and out of the car, before putting her arms behind her back. It’s not until one minute later that Officer Baines is seen getting out of his unit.

The short video raised a long list of questions about how the situation should have been handled.

News Channel 11’s Kylie McGivern learned that for 10-12 weeks, Officer Baines will be placed on “remedial training,” to relearn the basic training every officer goes through. Officer Baines has worked for the WCSO for 17 years. Sheriff Ed Graybeal said Officer Baines will ride with a field training officer and work with a patrol officer while in that remedial training.

Sheriff Graybeal sent us a statement, saying: “Officers have the discretion on the type and amount of force to use based on the totality of the circumstances known to the officer at the time in each individual event. In making that determination the officer considers such factors as the type of charges to be placed on the individual and the amount of reasonable force necessary to control the subject. Officer Baines analysis of the situation included his location, the fact that school staff and children were present and his perception of danger by the subject. After reviewing the video and discussing with Officer Baines his decision making process in this situation, it was determined that some remedial training would be beneficial.”

Kimberly Barnes’ charges included driving under the influence and assault upon a law enforcement officer. Her next court date is scheduled for June 25.

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Video surfaces of DUI call: Washington Co. officer suspended for ‘failing to act ‘

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