Brickyard Park in Kingsport nears completion

Brickyard Park in Kingsport nears completion (Image 1)

A multimillion-dollar ball park in Kingsport is nearly ready for its grand opening.

The 6.9 million dollar Brickyard Park will be Kingsport’s newest baseball and softball complex. 

Construction Project Manager for Kingsport, David Mason, tells us this project is something they hope will attract visitors to the model city. 

“Travel for sports, especially youth sports is very big so we anticipate there will be a lot of people coming to Kingsport, hopefully to play baseball,” said Mason. 

It is project that’s been in the works for more than a year, and Mason tells us the only major hiccup with this project was the slowing of construction during the winter season.

The goal is to host a grand opening by July 2nd. 

“I know all the local players are eager to get on them, and they have been asking constantly the parks people when can we play on the new fields. At this point we are working on getting the fields to knit together, and get the grass good and stabilized before they allow play on them,” said Mason. 

Brickyard Park will have four fields total, but Mason tells us there is a site cleared on the property for a fifth field in the future when funding is available. 

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