Virginia Intermont officials call joint meeting with Bristol, VA

Virginia Intermont officials call joint meeting with Bristol, VA (Image 1)

It has been just over a year since Virginia Intermont College closed its doors in Bristol, Virginia. 

On Tuesday, the public will hear from Virginia Intermont officials.

According to a news release from the City of Bristol, Virginia, officials from the college will be holding a presentation Tuesday night in Bristol.The release says the joint called meeting will include City Council, the Economic Development Committee, and the Industrial Development Authority. 

No other details are specified in the release. 

It will be one of the few times we have heard from school officials in a public setting since the college closed its doors last summer. 

On Monday, Interim President of Virginia Intermont, Art Rebrovick,could not be reached for comment.

We did speak with Mary Johnson over the phone. She is the owner of Land Partners, the company who has the property’s listing, and tells us there has been significant interest in the 30-acre campus.

When we spoke to those who live near Virginia Intermont, like Misti Lane, she tells us the closing of the school is still difficult for her to think about. 

“My daughter for one, she wanted, she had hopes of going to college there, and looking at it behind you, its sad, its been, it’s a monument in our community,” said Lane. 

After years of financial problems, and losing its accreditation, Virginia Intermont shut its doors, shortly after the 30-acre campus went up for sale with a price tag of 15 million dollars. 

Even after months of sitting on the market, Mary Johnson with Land Partners tells us there has been a lot of interest in the property. 

Beyond that Johnson told us over the phone Monday they could not comment on the listing. 

That is something that could change Tuesday night, as Virginia Intermont officials have called a joint meeting in Bristol. 

Mayor of Bristol, Virginia, Catherine Brillhart,  says they are not sure what presentation Virginia Intermont has planned. 

“Certainly want to hear what they have to say, and really interested in how we can be supportive,” said Brillhart. 

Mayor Brillhart tells us they support any type of industry that could become an asset to the city. 

“We really do foresee that it is important to get someone in soon, to keep their vibrancy in the neighborhood, and maintain property values,” said Brillhart. 

The joint called meeting with Virginia Intermont officials will be held Tuesday night at 6p.m. at City Hall in Bristol, VA.

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