Kingsport’s Sensabaugh holds annual kids football camp

Kingsport's Sensabaugh holds annual kids football camp (Image 1)

KINGSPORT, Tenn. — He’s known for his leadership and skills on the football field, and Dobyns-Bennett graduate and Tennessee Titans cornerback Coty Sensabaugh returned to his roots Saturday for the 3rd annual Sensabaugh Camp Classic.

“I had to come back and do it here because this is where it all started for me,” the camp host said. “This is where i realized anything is possible, so hopefully we can instill this into some of these kids.”

Both boys and girls of all ages were able to take part.

A young camper named Oliver said, “I’ve been pushing stuff over there and hopping and running and doing that and catching footballs.” 

Sensabuagh wasn’t the only star there either.

Special guests Blake Leeper, Malik Foreman, Devaun Swafford, and Gerald Sensabaugh, just to name a few, joined in too.

“A bunch of guys,” Coty Sensabaugh said. “I have a bunch of the NFL guys, a bunch of Division One college guys and a bunch of great coaches.”

They were there to teach the importance of team work and to let these kids know they can do anything they set their minds to.

“Just give them information for the future, whether its on the field or off the field,” said Paralympian Leeper. “Just through life and life challenges, show them that if they work hard, regardless of where they’re from, even if you are from Kingsport, you can overcome any challenge.”

The kids were split up between ages too.

“The little kids are a little more instructional and the older kids get into a little more competition type stuff and get a little bit more detail,” said former Dallas Cowboy Gerald Sensabaugh.

Coty says he does it to give back to the community, have some fun, and to hopefully teach life lessons.

“That they can be anything they want to be. that’s it,” he said.

He hopes to continue the tradition, for years to come.

“Hopefully one day we can get 2,000 you know. as many kids as possible.”

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