Can you really find auto insurance for less than $20 a month?

Trying to stay within a budget especially when shopping for car insurance can be difficult, especially when you see commercials or online adds advertising low cost auto insurance.

News Channel 11 searched on Google for “cheap car insurance” and we found several insurance companies offering auto insurance, some priced as low as $18.99 a month.

One local woman, Katie Tino, signed up for auto insurance online with a company that said she would only pay $19.99 a month. It wasn’t until she opened her first bill she realized she would be paying much more.

“I kind of yelled ‘what?!’ I couldn’t believe $19.95 turned into $60.00,” says Tino.

So how did Katie’s bill rack up to be $60? It is something companies can put in their disclaimers, and something Vickie Trice, the Tennessee State Director of Consumer Insurance Services says to be wary of. “The biggest problems with the auto insurance is they will throw those quotes out there but once it goes through underwriting it is subject to change”.

“When you are looking at a site that offers auto insurance policy for $19.95 a month you have to wonder what exactly it’s going to offer because it has statements and requirements in [the policy],” continues Trice.

News Channel 11 reached out to two companies that we found advertised low priced auto insurance, GEICO and General-Insurance, to try and see how a customer can qualify for their advertised price. Neither company responded to our email or phone request for comment.

If you had an experience like Katie you are not alone, you can file a complaint on the Tennessee State Department of Commerce and Insurance Division website. 

Other helpful resource links include:

State Department Insurance Division website

Find Information About Regulated Professions and Activities

Section and Contact Information

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