Vandalism causes school to close for the day, days before it closes for good

Vandalism causes school to close for the day, days before it closes for good (Image 1)

“Mayhem” is the word Dickenson County Superintendent Haydee Robinson used described the scene at Clintwood High School Monday morning.

Robinson said there was spray paint on the walls, ketchup and mustard everywhere in the cafeteria, and classrooms in shambles.

A scene so bad, Robinson decided to call off school for Clintwood High students Monday even though students were supposed to be testing.

Robinson said she believes it’s a prank gone too far, and that students are behind it.

The high school will permanently close on Friday, and Robinson said she doesn’t want this instance to reflect on the school as a whole.

“Very sad when I saw that, you know that’s difficult at anytime of the year to see that. I think it’s especially difficult the last week of school and especially the last week before the closing of Clintwood High School,” Robinson said.

School will be back in session Tuesday.

The Clintwood Police Department is investigating the vandalism.

Clintwood High School alumna Crystal Carter said she was emotional this morning when she found out what happened. She said this is not how she wanted her school to be remembered.

“People are angry and they’re ashamed at a group of people who will make the senior class that is graduating this weekend infamous but not for the right reason, not for all of their hard work but because they pulled such a dumb prank,” Carter said.

Robinson said it took half the day to clean up the mess.

“That’s the word, that it was some type of senior prank, but those of us that viewed that, that wasn’t anything prank-ish, it went beyond a prank,” Robinson said.

She said the Clintwood Police Department is investigating and calling students in for questioning.

She said officers have a good idea of who was involved.

Robinson said a couple of the students involved called Monday morning and wanted to help clean up, but it was a crime scene so they were not allowed.

She said a few of the suspected students involved are over 18 and could face charges of vandalism and breaking and entering.

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