Ted Overbay

Ted Overbay was born and raised in Johnson City and is a 1991 graduate of Science Hill High School.

Ted joined News Channel 11 in January of 2004 as a production tech. Ted graduated from Full Sail Film School in Orlando, Florida in August of 2002 and spent the next year living in Los Angeles trying to break into the film production business.

He also spent 10 years managing movie theaters here in the area. After having lived in other areas such as Los Angeles, Boston and Orlando, Ted is glad to be back to his home and family here in Johnson City.

Here are some fun facts answered by Ted:

Celebrity I’ve met or seen on the job: I covered Hollywood make-up/effects legend Tom Savini speaking at Northeast State. Did not get to meet him but stayed for his entire appearance.

Memorable story covered at WJHL: Covering the Virginia Tech shootings and the tornado outbreak here at home remain two of the most unforgettable stories.

First concert: Van Halen in Knoxville in 1988.

First job: I worked the concession stand at the old AMC 8 Theater in Johnson City. It was the only place I wanted to work then & luckily it worked out.

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