Video surfaces of DUI call: Washington Co. officer suspended for ‘failing to act ‘

Video surfaces of DUI call: Washington Co. officer suspended for 'failing to act ' (Image 1)

A Washington County, Tennessee sheriff’s officer is suspended with pay for “failure to act when investigating a DUI.”

The news comes after News Channel 11 showed the WCSO a video from a viewer.

According to court documents, two people saw Kimberly Barnes driving recklessly on Gray Station Road, before pulling into Gray Elementary School to pick up her children. An officer responded to the call after School Resource Officer Scott Baines called for backup.

According to the affidavit, Barnes dove into Officer Baines’ unit right after he opened his car door. The report says Barnes then grabbed the officer’s shirt before a witness pulled her off and out of the car, and then put Barnes’ arms behind her back.

It’s not until one minute later that Officer Baines is seen getting out of the car.

The sheriff’s office launched an internal investigation into what did and didn’t happen according to protocol, only after we sent them a link to the viewer’s video.

Kylie McGivern: “What were your initial reactions when you first saw the video today?”

Sheriff Graybeal: “Ah, well, it shouldn’t have went the way it went. So those are things we’ll look at, and talk to Officer Baines and see what his thinking was on that day and what really took place.”

Sheriff Graybeal said the suspension doesn’t indicate that anything criminal happened, but of course they want to get to the bottom of what lead up to the incident.

Sheriff Graybeal described Officer Baines as, “one of those people that everyone just thinks the world of. I’ve never heard anything bad about Scotty, Officer Baines, at all.”

That said, “It’s serious for the department and for us. Just simply because police around here, law enforcement, we’re a big family. But there’s certain things, myself as a sheriff, or a chief as a chief, gotta do,” Sheriff Graybeal said.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Barnes’ charges include driving under the influence, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of assault upon a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest.

Officer Baines will remain suspended with pay pending the results of the internal investigation.

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