Business bankrupt, traffic cam future

Two sexual assaults at ETSU, murder arrest (Image 1)

Good afternoon!

I don’t want to be a jinx, but I am loving today’s weather!  I really hope I didn’t ruin it for all of us.  It was so nice to sit outside and feel the warm sun.  My dog loved it, too! 

Now, it’s down to business.  Our crews are out working some great stories you’ll see on today’s newscasts.  

A Tri-Cities business files for bankruptcy, and is in trouble with law enforcement as well.  Find out why some say they were swindled by the company.

A Sullivan County man arrived in court today after being charged with murder for the second time in just over a year.

And, could the traffic cameras in a Tri-Cities town be on their last leg?  A local lawmaker hopes so.  We’ll show you the latest effort to get rid of them.

Those stories, plus a look at your beautiful (and possibly wet) Storm Team forecast, and the day’s sports news.

Hope you’ll join us beginning at 5pm!


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