Glass slipper fits for one JCMC patient

Sydnei Cantrell

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” might just be lyrics to a popular Disney song, but for one 21-year-old patient at the Johnson City Medical Center, her dream became a reality this past weekend.

Mountain States Health Alliance President and CEO Alan Levine wrote a memo to the system’s employees Tuesday, which started off with a story he said was “so magical and good, that I felt I needed to share it.”

One of the system’s patients at the JCMC, Sydnei Cantrell, had received a serious diagnosis, as well as a poor prognosis, and last week she had one particular request.

sydnei cantrell2

“I’m probably going to be going home, and what I’d really like more than anything is for my Daddy to be able to take me to see ‘Cinderella,’” Cantrell told her nurses.

Levine wrote in the memo that the Med Center team went to work immediately on obtaining the private use of the movie for Cantrell and her father.

“I’m told only three times in history has Disney permitted the private use of their movies while still in Theater,” Levine wrote. “Our team called the right people, and within a few days, we had the movie. A room was made up to be a private salon. Miss Tennessee, Miss Jonesborough, Miss Kingsport and several other wonderful young ladies came to see our patient.”

Levine said when Cantrell was brought to the room, she selected a gown, and was given a Cinderella makeover by the staff. Her nurses were also dressed in fitting attire – fairy godmother costumes.

“Our patient was brought down to the entrance of the surgery center, where a private chariot – and her daddy, dressed as prince charming, awaited her,” Levine said. “She did not have the strength to ride the chariot, but her parents did. From there, she was escorted by friends and family to a room with a red carpet, and her own private showing of “Cinderella.”

Levine said he was inspired by his team members and what they did for Cantrell.

“I sat there the entire movie and watched her father and mother sit by her side, hold her hand,” he said. “Incidentally, her parents are hard of hearing, so the movie had subtitles. Yes, the team thought through that level of detail.”

“It was a gift in its truest sense, given without any strings attached. What our staff saw was a young lady who just wanted to do something special with her daddy. I can’t think of anything that better tells the story of who we are,” Levine said.

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