JCPD arrest minor for identity theft and underage drinking

JCPD arrest minor for identity theft and underage drinking (Image 1)

On February 6th, officers with the Johnson City Police Department arrested Victoria Jones, 18, and charged her with 2 counts of identity theft and underage consumption.

Jones was arrested after someone reported minors using fake IDd’s to enter and drink at a local downtown establishment. A caller advised 911 of the descriptions of two females inside the establishment who were underage.

When officers arrived they found one of the females sitting at the bar drinking a beer. Officers asked for her ID and she gave them a drivers license saying it was hers. Officers noticed the picture was not her even though she continued to insist it was her license. Jones finally gave another name and birth date to police. 

Officers then pulled up a license photo of the second person she claimed to be and noticed it also was not her. Jones finally admitted her true identity which was confirmed by her license photo. The search of her name also revealed she was wanted out of Sullivan County on a violation of probation warrant.

Jones was transported to the Washington County Detention Center, where she is being held on a $21,000 bond.


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