Winter weather, secret life

Two sexual assaults at ETSU, murder arrest (Image 1)

Good afternoon!

This is Sara Diamond in the News Channel 11 newsroom.  Hope you’ve gotten everything on your grocery list for the big Thanksgiving feast!  I admit, you’ll see members of the Diamond family scrambling today to get our last-minute ingredients! In the meantime, our news team is working on some great stories you’ll see on today’s newscasts.

One of top stories, is the weather.  The east coast is already getting some crazy winter weather.  It looks like some of it may be in our backyards, too.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Reynolds will let us know if we need to gather more wood for the fireplace (and maybe a shovel at the store!).

Also, we have a great story about a humble man who worked in the Tri-Cities, and died with an amazing secret.  We’ll show you how he’s helping people in the Tri-Cities, even after his death.

Plus, we’ll get you ready for the Turkey Trot tomorrow!

Those stories, plus the day’s sports news beginning at 5pm on News Channel 11.

Hope you’ll join us!


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