Grand Jury finds no criminal act in Quality Dentures case; victims entitled to reimbursement

BLUFF CITY, TN (WJHL) – After months of litigation, a Sullivan County Grand Jury will not indict the man who operated a Bluff City dental facility for any criminal acts.

For more than a year, dozens of patients have filed complaints against Quality Denture Care Dentist Hardev Patel claiming they paid him for dentures they never received.

Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus told News Channel 11, even though Patel did not commit a criminal act, his patients are entitled to their money.

Patel’s former patient Marlene Hughes said the Grand Jury’s finding was disappointing

“I’m not happy…I’m not happy at all…and that’s nice…I’m livid,” said Hughes. “We paid for services, over $3,000 worth of services. Some services were performed others were not and we are still out over a thousand dollars.”

“They did find that Patel was unprofessional and that the folks that actually paid money were entitled to their money back. And their recommendation was that his license be revoked by the board of dentistry,” said Staubus. “If the victims want to try and get their money back they would have to obtain a lawyer civilly and file a lawsuit.”

But for Hughes this is not enough. Hughes said she still wants the license revoked but she also wants her money and medical records that were never returned.

“Now no one knows where he is, we did know this a year ago when I found his address and knew exactly where he lived and could serve him with a civil lawsuit.”

Hughes said she was told to let the Grand Jury handle it, but now Hughes said she regrets that decision.

Hughes told News Channel 11, she will continue to fight for her dental records and continue to look for Dr. Patel until she gets her money back.

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