What’s Working: Storyteller Willy Claflin

What's Working: Storyteller Willy Claflin (Image 1)

 At 70 years old, Wily Claflin shows no signs of slowing down
the touring storyteller recently volunteered his time at the Jonesborough Public Library.  
“i realized they didn’t’ have many things to stimulate their mind”
Clafliln should know, he spent 13 years as a teacher and realized a void in the curriculum
(sot)social, physical, and emotional growth, now much for imagination”
     In 1984 he took his classroom antics and hit the road,
“busiest time 40 percent of time on the road”
     His trip to Jonesborough was one of nearly a dozen trips this year.  Claflin has written 3 best selling children’s books.
(sot)-I’ve gravitated towards making kids think”
     Claflin;s stories are written through the eyes of characters, Nats: who he’s quick to point out are the actually authors of the books.
and he mixes in some music as well
(sot) they get very little 3 d contact
     In the end,  passing on his 7 generations of knowledge, at a child’s level, through the eyes of simple thinking puppets
(sot) if you stand things on their head,

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