How much does your child’s superintendent make; Salaries in the Tri-Cities

How much does your child's superintendent make; Salaries in the Tri-Cities (Image 1)

They’re in charge of dozens of schools and thousands of kids, but how much do they make?  We went through all of the superintendent contracts in our area and found the top paid superintendent in our area is Dr. Lyle Ailshie with Kingsport City schools.

Of 23 districts in our area the top four superintendent salaries according to their contracts are:

When the Kingsport School Board hired Dr. Lyle Ailshie just a little more than two years ago, they say they decided on a salary for him, “based on his length of service, what we were paying the previous superintendent,” Kingsport School Board President Carrie Upshaw said.”He’s been a superintendent for 14 years now, and that’s significantly more than a lot of the superintendents in this area.”

Upshaw said they’re not just comparing themselves to other districts in our area.

“We truly are looking to be the best district in this area, in the state, in the Southeast, so we benchmark ourselves against Maryville and Oakridge and other systems that are high performing as well,” Upshaw said.

Of all the area superintendents Ailshie has the highest salary at $161,385 that salary increases to $167,000 a year this summer.

Ailshie also gets a $826 car allowance and an almost $200 a month home office allowance. He also gets the most vacation days at twenty five days per year.

“The reason for that is because their job is not just 40 hours in this building or in this office; they are working constantly,” Upshaw said.

Ailshie manages more than 7,000 students and almost 20 schools. He said one thing most people may not realize is this isn’t a normal nine to five job.

“You’re trying to balance the business side, the academic side, the community side. I think everyone understands what those roles are but they just may not understand the depth and the consumption of your life that some of those take,” Ailshie said.

Upshaw says Ailshie’s high salary is directly correlated with Kingsport’s high goals as a district.

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