Utility district employees fired as TBI investigation continues

Shirley Collins

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Three Greene County utility district employees, all related, who’ve spent months on unpaid administrative leave, have now lost their jobs.

Chuckey and Cross Anchor Utility districts’ Office Manager Beth Fletcher confirms Chuckey Utility District board members unanimously voted to terminate Kandie Jennings, Bill Jennings and Willie Collins at a recent meeting, saying the board felt it was time to move forward.

A fourth person, retired manager Shirley Collins, continues to have a questionable consulting contract with the district, which remains under review.

The move to terminate her relatives comes after an ongoing Community Watchdog investigation and State Comptroller’s Office investigative audit into questionable expenses at the two districts, including an over-the-top retirement party for Collins with a price tag of more than $7,000 and a nearly $30,000 unapproved bonus for her as well.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is now looking into allegations of theft and official misconduct at the utility districts.

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