Paying it forward at One Acre Cafe

Paying it forward at One Acre Cafe (Image 1)

Last year, we aired a couple of stories about a concept called Paying It Forward. One person does something nice for five people, and those people pay it forward and bless someone else’s day. Pretty soon, we’ve started a movement of positive thoughts, words and deeds!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to start one Pay It Forward movement a month. We picked someone randomly, and gave them $300 in hopes they would pay it forward.

This time, we found a couple. Steve and Kim Blevins eat at the One Acre Café at least once a week. It’s the spirit behind the pay-what-you-can restaurant that keeps them coming back.

Kim says, “Any individual who doesn’t have an opportunity to eat, or the money to eat, they can walk in here, and they can get fed. And, she’ll find something for them to do.”

Something that will not only help the diner receive a nutritious meal, but an opportunity to succeed.

Kim talks of Jan Orchard, who runs the restaurant. “She’s not just giving them fish, she’s going to teach them how to fish, she’s going to give them some volunteer work, that may give them a leg up and possible employment in the future.”

So, when we randomly approached them at lunchtime with our Pay It Forward opportunity, it didn’t take long for them to decide they would give the money to the One Acre Café. A place, they say, Pays It Forward every day.

Kim tells Jan, “We got lucky enough today. No, we got blessed enough today, to be a part of the Channel 11 Pay It Forward opportunity, so that is $300 and it goes toward whatever you can do to expand this facility. We’re criers. We’re criers. What a blessing, to be able to give that to you. And, I give all the glory to God.”

The money, Jan says, will go a long way to expand their seating when the weather warms up. Tables, chairs and umbrellas will sit on the patio for dining al fresco. Also, using curtains to construct a meeting room will help bring in extra income.

Jan says, “We’ll make good use of the money. And we, (chokes up) we have made good use of all of the money we’ve been given.”

Money the Blevins know will feed not only stomachs, but hearts and souls, as well.

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