WW II soldier mystery possibly solved, family talks to News Channel 11


Good afternoon from the News Channel 11 newsroom.
It's Josh Smith with a quick update on some of the top stories we're working on today.
Almost seven decades after their loved one disappeared during World War II, a Greeneville family may finally have answers.   Private Frank Tame's relatives recently learned that his remains may be at the bottom of a lake in Italy.   Watch News Channel 11's Kylie McGivern's report at 5 p.m..
It's day number two in the trial of Tennessee State Representative David Hawk.   He's accused of assaulting a woman to whom he used to be married.  We'll have a recap of the testimony.  
Johnson City Police say the same man robbed two Roadrunner Market convenience stores early Tuesday.   One of the robberies happened at 527 Princeton Road at approximately 1:26 a.m..   The other happened at 5:52 a.m. at 2607 South Roan Street.   We're working on a report for our evening news.
Many patients who experience chronic pain throughout their body are told it's all in their head.  But a new study reveals otherwise.  Sara will have more in the Medical Watch segment of our 5 pm newscast.
See you soon on News Channel 11.   Don't forget WJHL.com for updates 24 / 7.
Thanks very much.


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