Traffic stop triggers school lockdown, Labor Day weather

Couple sells children to porn ring, pet ordinance (Image 1)

Good afternoon!

Hope you're staying cool.  We've been out and about in the Tri-Cities working some great stories for you.

Police are searching for two people who ran from a traffic stop, triggering a shutdown at three area schools.  We'll update you on the search, and show you what happened.

We dug deep into some local politicians' finances to see if campaign contributions influence the way they vote.  Our Community Watchdog Nate Morabito is in your corner with results.

And, many are excited about the Labor Day Holiday weekend!  Chief Meteorologist Mark Reynolds will let us know if we'll need to put an umbrella over our picnic tables.

Plus, sports doesn't take a holiday!  Kenny will have the weekend match ups, and reveal his predictions in Kenny's picks!

Hope to see you today beginning at 5pm on News Channel 11!


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