Most Wanted: reward offered for Greg’s Pizza burglar

Most Wanted: reward offered for Greg's Pizza burglar (Image 1)


Police are trying to find a man who went to a legendary local take-out restaurant and took more than just a pizza.
Greg's Pizza, 766 W Elk Ave, Elizabethton was vandalized and burglarized in the early morning hours of June 11th.
Later in the morning, an employee of a neighboring business noticed a busted out front door and called police.
“Further investigation revealed that the cash register inside the restaurant had been destroyed and indicated that a burglary had occurred,” said Captain Joy Markland, Elizabethton Police.
But this bad guy didn't know two important things.  The cash register was practically empty.   “I think he got some quarters.  That's about it,” said Capt. Markland.  
And store manager Ric Harding says the burglar/vandal didn't know that, just one day earlier, the owner of Greg's Pizza installed a security camera system that provided police with key piece of visual evidence.  “We're actually just hoping someone will pick up the phone and call us when they see the video,” said Markland.   We feel it's easily recognizable.  Someone does know.”
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Elizabethton Police Department at 423-542-4141 or Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 423-542-7574.  
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