Storms brewing; audit finds missing drugs and cash


Good afternoon from News Channel 11!
It's Josh Smith, hoping you are well and – very important – COOL on a hot and humid afternoon.
Since we speak of weather, let's tackle that first.   Meteorologist Nathan Scott just told us in our afternoon meeting that chances are good that we'll see pop-up storms today, and some of them could dump a lot of rain.   The chance for severe weather is even higher tomorrow.
There's a big story developing today involving a State of Tennessee audit of drug task forces.  The audit found missing drugs and money from one of the task forces that oversees Northeast Tennessee.  We're investigating.
We've learned that the Castle Clinic in Johnson City isn't open for business.   The owner of the clinic, Dr. Robert Allen, was recently arrested and charged with possessing drugs and a loaded weapon.   Today, News Channel 11 has the story of a Castle Clinic patient who is desperate for answers.
Looking forwarding to joining you at 5pm when Sara and I go on air on News Channel 11.
See you soon!
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