SPECIAL REPORT: How would you use $300 to Pay It Forward?

A typicalmorning at Java Rush, where coffee and smoothies are in high demand.  It was a great place to randomly pick someoneto help us Pay It Forward. 

CarolTrahan drove through to get her coffee, and she agreed to help us in ourmission to Pay It Forward.

“A lot oftimes we wish we did have the money because we could help so many people, justin little ways.  We’ll now you have thatopportunity!  I know!  This is exciting,” she laughs. 

Caroldecided to go to Food City in Johnson City and help pay for people’sgroceries.  We couldn’t help but noticethat Carol was giddy as she was waiting for someone to help. “You have no ideawhat’s in store for you today!” she exclaimed to herself. 

Carolfound her first target. 

“I’d liketo buy your groceries,” she said to the customer.  “You cannot do that!” he exclaimed.  “Yes, I can, because, I’m doing pay itforward with Sara Diamond, and WJHL and they chose me this morning and I feelso blessed to be chosen, and I want to bless you and buy  your groceries!” 

Instantly,the customers Carol helped got into the spirit of things, and promised to payit forward. 

“And, Ithink all y’all are very nice to do this. And, I will return the favor,” saidour first customer. 

Afterthat, things snowballed.

One womanasked Carol how it felt to be a blessing to someone else.  “Does it make you feel good?” she asked.  “It makes me feel wonderful!” Carolexclaimed. 

From awoman with a five-month-old baby, to a man who had suffered a stroke, Carolpaid for groceries, and watched the smiles as the customers left the checkout. 

Not onlydid the customers get free groceries, but it made them feel special that theywere the target of our mission.

 Carol usedevery penny of the money.  One woman cameinto the store paying it forward for her sons.

 “Our twooldest live together on their own, they’re ex-military, and they had addedexpenses, so we thought we’d pick up a few things to drop off to them,” shesaid.

 But, allgood things must come to an end. 

We gaveaway $300 to several people, and made their day.  I’d like to believe those six people aregoing to pay it forward and do something nice for somebody else! 

The beauty of Paying It Forward, isthat you don’t need money to do it! A kind word to a stranger, a hug from a friendare all ways we can Pay it Forward.

We’ll have more Pay It Forward stories this week as we hand out gift cardsacross the Tri-Cities. Watch part 2 of our special report Thursday on NewsChannel 11 at 6.


So how would you use $300 to Pay If Forward? Have you ever been on thereceiving end of a Pay It Forward? What have you done to Pay It Forward. Pleaseshare your experiences below.

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