Today at 5: Cop under investigation & sex offenders on campus

Good afternoon from the News Channel 11 newsroom.

It's Josh Smith.  We've just wrapped up our afternoon planning meeting, and I wanted to let you know what our team is working on for tonight's newscasts.

Months after a devastating flood almost destroyed a local road, repairs have yet to be made.  As you can imagine, people who live along that road are frustrated.  We took their concerns to government officials and got some answers to residents' questions.

Another big story today – a local police officer under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.  We found out that he lost his job in the process.  But the officer is fighting to get his job back.

I really hope you can watch Nate Morabito's report on News Channel 11 at 6.  His Watchdog Investigation found that, while states track where violent sex offenders live, they don't track where they are enrolled for classes.   Nate pulled the records at several local schools, and students he interviewed were shocked by what he discovered.

Heads up to the chef of the house.   A popular kitchen product is on the recall list.  That's part of consumer news.

And Mark told us at the afternoon meeting the he expects a very rainy weekend.   At 5pm, he'll let you know how to plan ahead.

Join Sara Diamond and me starting at 5pm on News Channel 11.

Have a great afternoon!


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