Mahmood (Michael) Sabri

Mahmood (Michael) Sabri (Image 1)

My name is Mahmood (Michael) Sabri. I am an Associate
Professor and Vice President of Faculty Senate at Northeast State Community
College. I joined Northeast State in 1996.

I am running for Johnson City Board
of Education because I want to help your child graduate from Science Hill High
School with an academic scholarship so that he/she can go to college without worrying
about the cost.

I am confident that I can help you. I helped my four children
graduate from high school with academic scholarships. Two of them are physicians,
third is in medical college, and fourth (Mo Sabri, who released the video “I Believe in Jesus” last
Christmas and “Johnson
” earlier) is preparing to go in medicine. Your child can be just as
successful. You don't have to wait for me to win the election. If you need assistance
in planning your child's educational future, you are welcome to contact me
immediately. Let's conclude this academic year on a good note and be ready for
the next. If your child is in primary or middle school, his/her chances of
getting an academic scholarship are much better.  

If you are homeschooling or sending your child to private
school, I am your candidate. I am the only candidate for school choice and
against any tax increases. Let me be your voice on the school board. You pay
taxes. You have a right to see a return on those taxes. You need someone to
safeguard your interests. School choice will create competition among schools.
You will be able to choose the best school for your child based on merit. If
you decide to homeschool or send your child to private school, I will work
towards getting your tax dollars back to you. I will speak for the teachers. I
will strive to repeal laws and regulations that create unnecessary paperwork
and reduce class time. I hope you will look at the credentials as well as
experience, and choose the best candidate for the job. For further information,
please visit my web site:

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