Kathy Hall

Kathy Hall (Image 1)

I have served on the Johnson
City Board of Education for 8 years, and currently serve as Chairman.

I am running for another term because I am
immensely proud of the accomplishments of the Johnson City School system and
would like to be a part of its continued success. 

  • I'm proud of our academic achievement; we are currently ranked
    second in the state.  This is
    especially impressive in a system with over 48% of our students
    economically disadvantaged.
  • I am proud of our building program, planning for our future while
    giving us state of the art facilities. We have and will continue to make
    improvements that have the best interest of our children at heart.
  • I am proud of our approach to student safety. Our HEROES program,
    which combines safety measures, school resource officers and mental health
    services, could be a model for other systems in the state and the nation.
    We will continue to work hard and make improvements to make sure our
    students are as safe as possible

I have put a lot of time and
energy into my position on the board and as a volunteer in our schools, and I
know I have made a difference. I have twice been named Outstanding School Board
Member of the year by the Tennessee PTA. Education is the cornerstone of our
community and we have a very strong system. We have achieved excellence and I
want to be a part of continuing its success. 

I have over 25 years of
experience in marketing and communications. My husband Duke and I have been
married 18 years and we have one son who is a freshman at Science Hill.

I would very much appreciate
your vote.

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