Sheila Cox

Sheila Cox (Image 1)

B.O.E. Candidate, 2-year Term

My husband and myself are life long residents of Johnson City. I have served on the Johnson City Board of Education for almost twelve years. During this time I have achieved the Master Level of Boardsmanship and have had perfect attendance. I have been fortunate to be a part of a team that has seen remarkable progress.

  • We are #2 in the state in academic achievement
  • We remain to be a very safe school system
  • We have risen significantly on the state level in salaries (helps attract and retain the best staff)
  • We are competitive at the state level in extracurricular activities
  • We have amazing facilities, the most incredible teachers, principals, and administrators
  • And we are blessed with many wonderful students and families

I want to continue to be a part of this! It is a pleasure to serve my community in this capacity. There is still more to do and I want to be a guiding part of our future.


  • Owner and director of Bolding School of Dance
  • 6 years on Johnson City Planning Commission
  • 19-year member of Junior Service League (now, Junior League)


  • Area Director of National League of Jr. Cotillions (teaching etiquette and social dancing to teenagers
  • Johnson City Board of Education
  • Historic Zoning Commission
  • Mother of 4 grown children (educated in Johnson City Public Schools)


  • Experience of working with parents and children
  • Experience of already serving on the School Board
  • Commitment for Johnson City and our school system to excel
  • Commitment for community service

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