James “Jamie” Povlich

James "Jamie" Povlich (Image 1)

I'm running for school board because I believe in community service and the responsibility of the citizens to impact and identify needs of the city and more pointedly our educational system.

Secondly, I have a vested interest in the youth of our community, I have three children who attend schools in the Johnson City School System, I have served as a coach for numerous youth sport teams from a variety of schools, and I have taken on active roles in the PTA an active volunteer role at school.

Last is my knowledge of the benefits of a progressive educational system in a community, along with the personal gains of the public. These reasons represent my passion to serve as a member of the Johnson City School Board. Through my service, I seek to carry the torch to continually strive to improve each child's educational opportunity.

All of the candidates running for school board have and bring value to this board. Where I separate myself from others is that I have three children in the school system spread out over three campuses. I would say that I'm in touch with the students, faculty, and other parents with school age children. I can also add by sitting on various other boards over the last five years that I have developed working relationships with key city staff and members of the City Commission.

With the regards to education I have a degree in Urban Planning from E.T.S.U. and a professional background in business. My strengths are strategic planning and building relationships and finding common ground with a sensible approach. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your vote. For more information please visit my website www.electpovlich.com.


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