Bart Mikitowicz

Bart Mikitowicz (Image 1)

Bart Mikitowicz, 33, is a project coordinator for Johnson City's Glass & Concrete Contracting. He is the son of Suzanne Kuehn, former Johnson City Development Authority executive director.

Mikitowicz earned a Bachelor's degree from Florida State University in Social Science-Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master's Degree from East Tennessee State University in Public Administration with a concentration in Planning and Development.

He also taught Social Studies and Theology at a small middle school in Florida before moving back to New York for a time, working for Forrest Solutions, a staffing agency. Eventually, he moved back to Johnson City to pursue his Master's degree.

On his website,, Mikitowicz says his “main focus as a Johnson City commissioner would be to continue the Downtown Revitalization effort. This includes: Minimum Upkeep Standards for buildings in the Downtown Core, Re-structuring of traffic routes Downtown, Increasing Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety, and more.”

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