Convicted double-murderer Howard Hawk Willis denied new trial

Howard Hawk Willis

(WJHL) – In an order this week a judge ruled convicted double-murderer Howard Hawk Willis does not deserve a new trial.

Willis remains on death row for the 2002 murders of 17 year-old Adam Chrismer and his 16 year-old wife Samantha.

He previously appealed his conviction and sentence last year, listing nearly 60 errors he believes the court made during his June 2010 trial.

Earlier this week, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood denied Willis’ request for a new trial.

“I have considered and weighed the evidence in this matter and find that I agree with the jury about the weight of the evidence and accordingly adopt their verdicts,” Judge Blackwood wrote in his order. “Stated otherwise, I find that the weight of the evidence supports the verdicts, both as to the defendant’s guilt on the various counts of the presentment and the sentence which the jury imposed.”

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